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Are you curious about yoga, but worry you won’t be flexible enough?

Do you ever feel out of place or excluded in a yoga class?

Do you enjoy movement, but not a competitive environment?

Would you like a space to relax and reflect without feeling pressured into dogma?

Maybe you like your current teacher, but would welcome a few new tips to enhance your experience in their classes.

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Mindful Movement with Nerine

Larger bodies and seniors, the inflexible and inexperienced alike are encouraged to participate.

All classes are LGBTQIA+ friendly and trauma-sensitive.


The concept, history, and lineage behind the inspiration.

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The background and qualifications that brought me here.


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Aw, shucks!

Offering a personalised experience for the complete novice and discerning practitioner alike in Wetherby and North Yorkshire

I appreciate the thought of trying something new might feel intimidating – will the teacher explain things clearly?  Will other students be better at it than you?  Will you be made to feel welcome or like an outsider?

That’s where I come in.

My role is to hold a safe space where students feel informed and empowered to pursue self-care as part of a normal, healthy routine not an occasional indulgence.  I give everyone the bespoke tools they need to explore their individual practice exactly as they are in that moment.  No judgement, no comparisons, just respectful curiosity and self-kindness.

Mindful movement is for every body.  That’s not just an empty catchphrase.  I trained in a wide range of yoga classes for years to specialise in variations that make the practice not only accessible but illuminating, particularly for anyone who has always assumed they could never manage to give it a go.

Along with my own 20 years of yoga practice, my various certifications qualify me to work alongside the middle-aged, seniors, curvy bodies, the inflexible and those experiencing the fluctuating stages of menopause.  Thus, my focus is on a user-friendly approach that accommodates the diverse phases of life.

What’s more, my classes are designed to complement the seasons so as our needs change throughout the year so does our practice which helps students cultivate a holistic approach to inner balance.  No matter your level of experience, age, shape, size or culture, my classes are for anyone who is eager to be part of an inclusive community where all can feel safe, heard, and supported.

Browsing the website, you’ll notice I take my training very seriously but not myself.  Life’s too short to be a misery gut.  You will find my classes are interspersed with laughter, questions, reflection, and calm.

Everyone brings something different within themselves to the mat and what we depart with cannot be guaranteed.  By joining my yoga-inspired sessions in Wetherby and North Yorkshire you will find camaraderie and support, and maybe discover something new about yourself as we all experience our individual journeys together.

For more on what to expect from my classes in Wetherby and North Yorkshire, please visit my FAQs.

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