Happy comments from happy students

Zoom classes with Nerine are a wonderful mix of gentle, but persistent, reminders to let go of muscular tension, clear demonstrations of what moves to make and a wise understanding of our age group’s ability to hold positions. The icing on the cake is the encouragement to go just that bit further than one had thought possible while leaving time to honour the here and now – the seasons, the class mood and the commitment that brings us all together week by happy week.

” Finding Nerine’s intimate Gentle Saturday yoga class in Bury St Edmunds was serendipitous. It was just what I needed when I needed it. It has been (and continues to be) a wonderful journey of nurture, strength and discovery. I look forward to my Saturday morning class with Nerine so much. When the covid pandemic hit and we all got locked down, Nerine with her incredible thoughtfulness instantly wrestled with technology to get the class online. Thank you Nerine for the nurturing light you bring to your teachings showing us how beautiful and personal yoga really is. Long may the classes continue. ”

” I absolutely love Nerine’s classes.  She teaches yoga that is right for each individual, irrelevant of their ability and then encourages you on your forward path. She creates an aura of well being both mentally and physically in her classes, and without her in lockdown, I am not sure what I would have done. Thank you Nerine. ”

” As a 59 year bloke I felt I was rusting up. Stiff and achy with recurring back pain. My 60’s were fast approaching so something had to change. I had tried yoga decades earlier and knew this would help, so I answered an advert for beginner classes in April 2018. The last 2 and half years have been transformative! With Nerine’s gentle guidance and encouragement, warmth and sense of humour I am now looking forward to the future with renewed positivity and energy, and can touch my toes again! Thank you Nerine! ”

” Nerine is a warm and friendly yoga teacher who helps her students get the most from her well thought out classes by the use of props and by modifying poses to suit the individual student. So whatever size shape or age you are, or if you are LGBTQ as I am, you will be welcomed into and will enjoy and benefit from Nerine’s all inclusive and friendly classes. ”

Nerine’s gentle tuition and sunny outlook have been a great solace in this difficult year. She is very professional yet attentive, my week seems to revolve round our Thursday class, it grounds me and inspires me at the same time…and we always have a laugh too.

” Nerine is warm and welcoming. She leads her class with a gentle firmness that is both body aware and highly adaptive to each student’s needs. I originally went to support my wife, but now I go because I really enjoy it. ”

” My one-to-one sessions with Nerine are a real pleasure. Her group classes are great, but in a bespoke practice I really feel I am getting the most from Nerine’s extensive knowledge of yoga tailor-made to my own particular requirements & quirks! After a year I feel stronger & calmer and I have gained so much more than I expected thanks to her support & encouragement. I feel very lucky to have found her. ”

” The class is gentle, but invigorating at the same time. Nerine uses her knowledge of the essence of Yoga and the body to explain poses. She is supportive and enthusiastic in her teaching. I have been attending Nerine’s class for several months now and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. ”