Finding my voice

For many years now, I have listened to the choirs of both the dance and yoga communities lifting their voices around me – guiding, dictating, encouraging, oppressing. I’ve encountered those who would empower others, and those who would be revered by them. (How is it, the latter are frequently the most popular?) Occasionally, I have added my voice to the chorus, but have often felt lacking in eloquence, slow to recall the minutia of factual data when time was of the essence, and clumsy as I grappled with complex socio-political dynamics in group conversations, particularly when expressing opposition. To wit, a public speaker I am not. However, the beauty of writing is the luxury of time, and I have much to say. So after lengthy contemplation, I find myself at this threshold, eager and trepidatious, to fling the doors wide and release my song out into the ether, ready to harmonise with the cosmos.

Here, in this small corner of cyberspace, will be an informal blog for my thoughts; unfettered by concerns about being ‘nice’, keeping the peace, or habitually deferring to those with more confidence, but not necessarily more knowledge or experience. This blog will carve out a space for my voice to challenge popular opinion without disruption or condescending dismissal, where discernment will be distinguished from judgement, and critical-thinking will take precedent over the need to appease. It will reveal the person behind the teacher, and offer a glimpse at why I choose to do, or not do, certain things in class and my daily life. It may still lack eloquence.

I’ll be honest, this is not going to be a blog for the faint of heart. It’s not going to bolster the socially-acceptable warm fuzzies, or offer advice on relaxation techniques (okay, that might come up occasionally). I anticipate some of the topics I select may cause some discomfort because they will touch upon sensitive issues, but others will be quiet reflections that may inspire or reassure. Hopefully, whatever words unfold across the screen, they will demonstrate that above all else, I’m sincere. I suppose I could boost my popularity if I were more cloying, but integrity is a rare strength in these increasingly superficial times we find ourselves in. You honour me with your presence and your patience. I will honour you with my candour.

Stay tuned for the next instalment – why I’m leaving “yoga”.